Starbound’s Combat Update Adds Midnight Planets, New Monsters, Hoverbikes

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Chucklefish has rolled other a huge combat update for Starbound. You can see an overview of it in the video above or check out the full changelog here.


If you’re sticking around, here are a few highlights of this update:


  • Two-handed weapons now have special abilities on the right-click of the mouse
  • Look out for new classes of boomerangs, chakrams, and fist weapons
  • There are also new unique weapons including flamethrowers and remote-detonated grenade launchers
  • Blocking mechanics have been improved
  • Keep an eye out for lots of new monsters with their own special abilities


  • Hoverbikes have been added for fast travelling on the surface of planets
  • Boats have also arrived so you can travel across water with ease
  • There are new Midnight and Frozen (replaces Tundra) planets
  • Also new are the Prism, Steam Spring, and Hive sub biomes


  • It’s possible to now capture critters in capture pods
  • You can create elevators now

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