Starbound’s Huge “Winter Update” Is Detailed In Overview Trailer



Chucklefish has released a trailer that showcases the additional features that will be coming in its 2D procedurally generated action-adventure Starbound’s next big update. The update should arrive some time in January 2015.


The first of which is an entirely new playable race known as Novakids. The one showcased in the trailer looks like a bandit out of a Wild West fiction.


There will also be hundreds of new items, many of which aren’t shown off, of course, but they do include fireworks, bowling balls and pins, water guns, and beach balls.



The trailer also shows off S.A.I.L, which is a new personal AI for your spaceship, and that comes in a variety of different looks. One of which is a horses head that flaps its tongue out from its mouth. Bizarre.


You can see the trailer for more features, but here’s a quick overview: matter manipulator upgrades, ship upgrades, a new tech system, new biomes, improved planet navigation, huge cooking upgrade (with over 100 new recipes), bug catching, 360 degree melee aiming, parrying, and more.


Find out more about Starbound on its website. You can get immediate access to Starbound by pre-ordering it on its official store, or on Steam Early Access.

Chris Priestman