Stardew Valley Continues To Improve Married Life




Another Stardew Valley update has been released and, again, it offers updates that improves the quality of life for a married couple. With Stardew Valley 1.07, both spouses and their family have new things to say and new actions.


Many of the changes have to do with festivals. Your spouse will stand next to you at the Dance of the Moonlight Jellies, and all of them will have special things to say at most special events. In addition, Abigail, Sam, and Sebastian go to the bar on Fridays. In-laws also have different things to say to you after you marry their relative. Spouses also stay home if it’s raining.


Other substantial changes were made to Stardew Valley. You can only lose, at most, 5,000g if you die in a mine and won’t lose any rings or a specific sword if you fall. Journey of the Prairie King, the minigame, lets you use assigned movement keys and get items on the edge of maps. Lightning rods work better, which is good since lightning could strike trees or crops otherwise. Also, fruit trees will offer better fruit the longer they live. A number of other alterations and bug fixes are listed in the patch notes.


Stardew Valley is immediately available for Windows PCs.

Jenni Lada
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