Stardew Valley Is Headed To Smartphones With iOS Version Arriving October 24



Developer ConcernedApe announced that Stardew Valley is coming to smartphones, and will begin with its iOS App Store release in a little over 2 weeks, October 24, 2018.


Here’s the announcement trailer:

The smartphone version of Stardew Valley is being developed by The Secret Police, a London-based mobile development studio, who have been working on it for about a year. The iOS version will arrive first, but the developers are currently working on finishing up the Android version, so we should get more news on an exact launch date soon.



  • Supports iPhone and iPad gaming, just make sure to check on the App Store page whether the game is compatible with your iOS version


  • It’s the full game, not a cut down version, and plays almost identically to all other versions. The main difference is that it has been rebuilt for touch-screen gameplay on iOS (new UI, menu systems and controls)


  • £7.99 / $7.99 / 8,99 € with no in-app purchases


  • Includes 1.3 single player content, such as the Night Market, but not Multiplayer


  • PC players can transfer their save data to the iOS version via iTunes – but make sure to always back up your save data first! Mods are not supported, and any save data transferred containing mods may cause compatibility issues.



Here’s more from ConcernedApe about the mobile port and other versions:

I want to be sure it is clear that the development of the mobile port has had no impact on the development of the console Multiplayer ports, as they are being worked on by two entirely separate teams/companies. Console multiplayer is making great progress and I have every intention to release it as quickly as possible. For a quick update on where it’s at, the Switch Multiplayer update is coming along well, and has now gone into QA (quality assurance testing). Xbox One and PS4 Multiplayer updates will follow (all being done by Sickhead Games). I promise to keep you all updated on any news I get regarding release time frames for all the consoles. I really appreciate everyone’s patience.


Stardew Valley is available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC. The iOS version launches October 24, 2018 and the Android version will arrive later.

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