Stardew Valley Update Gives Spouses More Freedom




Players can marry one of ten bachelors and bachelorettes in Stardew Valley. This moves the guy or gal into your home, allows you to raise their affection levels by two more hearts, and lets them help out around the farm. This means they’ll do a chore each day like cook, feed animals, get you a stardrop, repair fences, tend to your pet, or water crops. However, they’d always remain on the farm and had some uniform dialogue that sounded similar. The newly released Stardew Valley build 1.06 enhances married life.


Eric Barone, the developer,  has added to the marriage experience with the new Stardew Valley patch. Each spouse now has a unique dialogue sheet, which allows them to remain more in character with their previous personalities than they did prior to the update. This update also allows them to leave the house once a week, where they’ll either go visit Pelican Town or take a walk around the area.


The Stardew Valley patch also makes a few other alterations. Animal products are now, by and large, worth more when sold. Also, the game is more realistic, as Holly is a poisonous item you shouldn’t eat. The update addresses a missing events issue and some other bug fixes.


Stardew Valley is immediately available for Windows PCs.

Jenni Lada
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