The Stargazers Remaster Adds More Story, Improves Art Of Yuri Sci-Fi Visual Novel


The Stargazers is looking to undergo a remaster, vastly expanding the story and redoing the art of the sci-fi yuri visual novel.


The Stargazers follows the adventures of three pilots from the Allied Defense Force Signals (ADFS), with players guiding the women in their work exploring space and through their interactions with the people they meet out there. Players will be able to choose to see events through the varied perspectives of each of the game’s pilots, or view galactic goings-on that are only available to specific characters, witnessing different takes on the futuristic story.

While combing the galaxy, players will have run-ins with various people from different factions, guiding them through their interactions with other ADFS members, Space Elves, and Pirates. Depending on the characters chose and how they react, players may be able to heat up their interactions with these characters, as well as guide the narrative in certain ways. 


The Stargazers remaster will polish the story of the existing release and lengthen the story, being part recreation and part sequel through the new content it looks to offer. The game will also be redoing its art style, giving players many new things to see and experience through this extended version of the game.

Development funding for the remaster of The Stargazers is being done through Kickstarter, with players able to try out a demo on the campaign page to see if they like where this space romance between women is going.

Alistair Wong
Very avid gamer with writing tendencies. Fan of Rockman and Pokémon and lots more!