Start Your Relaxing Island Life with the new Animal Crossing: New Horizons Kuji Lottery

    animal crossing new horizons

    This week, Bandai Spirits announced that it will be launching another Ichiban Kuji lottery for Animal Crossing’s newest entry, Animal Crossing New Horizons. In keeping with the “leisure” theme of the newest Animal Crossing entry, many of the items have a “leisure” motif, including the campaign advertisements, which features Tom Nook and twins Tommy and Timmy. [Thanks, Game Watch!]

    Fans can enjoy this Animal Crossing New Horizons lottery for only 650 yen per pull all across Japan at various stores. Locations include Seven-Eleven convenience stores, Ito Yokado supermarkets, and Nintendo Tokyo, which is located in Parco Shibuya on the 6th Floor.

    Currently, pictures of the Animal Crossing Switch prizes have not been released. However, Bandai Spirits has released a complete list of the goods that will be available during the lottery. Here’s the prizes, in order of rarest to most common:

    • A Prize: Tommy and Timmy Tissue Case
    • B Prize: Carefree Leisure Rug
    • C Prize: Little-Big Cooler Bag
    • D Prize: Laid-Back Clear Water Bottle
    • E Prize: Clear Slider Pouch
    • F Prize: Stackable Mug
    • G Prize: Printed Towel

    As always, Ichiban Kuji has a special Last Prize: this time, it’s a mini table! Kuji players can earn the Last Prize by purchasing the final ticket available at the locations listed above.

    The Animal Crossing Ichiban Kuji lottery begins in Japan on March 21, 2020. This is the day after Animal Crossing: New Horizons releases worldwide on the Nintendo Switch. Don’t forget that there will also be an Animal Crossing Switch system bundle, with its exclusive items being sold separately in Japan.

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