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Starting A New Journey With Fire Emblem Fates’ In Endless Dreams DLC



Fire Emblem: Awakening had a series of The Future Past add-ons that told another story. It was set in an alternate reality where players had to send their characters to rescue their children. Fire Emblem Fates is doing something similar. It has an Heirs of Fate storyline that casts the Hoshidan and Nohrian as the heroes heading to save the day on their own.


Fire Emblem Fates’ Heirs of Fate begins with In Endless Dreams. On the day the children were going to return home from their respective Deep Realms, a massive battle was waged. The parents fought as best they could to keep them alive. This first installment begins with the female version of Kana wandering alone, with no idea what to do. As she’s blaming herself for her father’s downfall, she runs into Mitama and Selkie. As they wonder about the fates of their parents, Vallite forces appear. They consider running, but see Kiragi and Hisame fighting back.




In this Fire Emblem Fates map, Kana actually wields Corrin’s Noble Yato and Kiragi has Takumi’s Fujin Yumi. The segment where they meet actually shows the Yato changing once the two decide to stand and fight. All five units in your impromptu army are at their level 10 base classes. Kana is a Nohr Princess, Kiragi’s an archer, Hisame’s a samurai, Mitama’s a Shrine Maiden, and Selkie’s a Kitsune. In addition to the the Noble Yato and Fujin Yumi, Kana has a Kodachi and Kiragi an Iron Bow and Vulnerary. Hisame is armed with a Steel Katana, Practice Katana, and Sunrise Katana, Selkie has a Beaststone, Beastrune, and Concoction, and Mitama only has a 5-use Wane Festal. None of the units will earn any experience from this battle, so don’t feel forced to use them equally.


The goal of the In Endless Dreams map is to beat the boss, a Vallite shadow with Siegbert’s appearance. There are also Vallite units that look like Soliel, Velouria and Ignatius positioned on the field. (Percy joins in a later wave with some Wyvern Riders.) They’re joined by 26 other, generic units at the start. The units based on existing characters are most dangerous, as they’re at a higher level and have better weapons. Siegbart even wields Siegfried.




It’s best to take a counter-clockwise path around the map. Many of the units to right of the party have weapons that can be won upon their demise. The Sun Festal the Maid on the right is holding is especially helpful for Mitama, and it might be a good idea for Kana to take that Concoction the Fighter in that group is holding. Keep heading around until you reach the back, where the two Guards near Ignatius are. Each one holds a door key. Use that to get into the center as soon as you can, and take out Siegbert. Use Mitama’s Rally Luck to boost everyone’s luck whenever she isn’t healing, keep your group together, and move quickly! Additional units will appear on the map from the stairways on subsequent turns.


Fire Emblem Fates’ In Endless Dreams isn’t too difficult if you play smart, and beating it gives you the Skilltaker and Lucktaker skills. Also, don’t forget to grab the Another Gift from Anna DLC today for even more rewards! It’s free and gives people a scroll to learn the Paragon skill and one pair of boots to increase one unit’s range of movement.


Fire Emblem Fates is immediately available for the Nintendo 3DS in North America. In Endless Dreams is $0.49 and is part of the $7.99 Map Pack 2 bundle.

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