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Stay’s Protagonist Continues To Act When The Game Is Off


Quinn awakens, alone and afraid, in a dark complex in Stay, with a computer as his only lifeline. This machine will let him communicate with the player and seek help from them, but if the player shuts the game off, this won’t stop Quinn from taking action. He’ll just be left alone to make decisions without help.


Stay’s storyline and action carries itself out in real time, so Quinn will continue to act even if the game is off. The longer the player leaves the game off, the more likely Quinn will lie or mistrust the player, forcing the player to try to figure out whether Quinn is telling the truth when he talks in order to help him with puzzles and dangerous predicaments. Should players spend more time with Quinn and keep him from feeling alone, his trust levels will increase and he will be more honest with the player.

Players will interact with Quinn through a variety of dialogues that play out differently depending on the player’s trust levels and actions. Players can also watch Quinn through his webcam in order to get a better idea of his mental state and honesty. Depending on how these dialogues and their relationship plays out, players can reach seven different endings to his imprisonment, as well as multiple deaths should the player fail to help him properly.


Stay is available now on Steam. The Xbox One version will be available on May 30.

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