Tim Conkling’s Antihero isn’t like most other 4X strategy games. The genre has been established in space and in series like Civilization. Antihero takes place in a Dickensian world of gas-lit streets, corrupt cops, and street thieves.


In it, you operate a Thieves’ Guild and attempt to make it the most powerful faction in this dim Victorian city. This involves recruiting and training petty street urchins to become master thieves so that they can scout out and steal high valuables from banks and factories for the guild.


Your actions won’t go unnoticed. As such, you’ll need to decide whether you want to play the violent but risky path, or the safer but more costly one. By which I mean you can assassinate witnesses or choose to bribe cops to look the other way.


There are other thieves to compete against in Antihero, too – you aren’t the only one looking to make a quick buck in this filthy city. You can deal with them in a variety of ways; violently or not.


These rivals don’t just appear in the single-player story mode, either. Antihero boasts asynchronous cross-platform multiplayer so that you can compete against other online opponents.


Antihero will be coming to Windows, Mac first, with iOS and Android versions coming soon after the PC release. You can vote for it to come to Steam on Greenlight, the idea being to release an Early Access version in early 2015. There’s more information about the game on its website.

Chris Priestman

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