Steal Data From A Hostile System In Cyberpunk Roguelike 868-HACK



Solo game creator Michael Brough has released his cyberpunk hacking roguelike 868-HACK on Steam for Windows and Mac. It’ll cost you $5.65.


868-HACK has you in the role of a computer hacker as they move through sectors trying to siphon data without being deleted along the way.


It’s played on a grid and has turn-based movement. As you move, you’ll see various enemies pop up on the grid, each of which have their own unique behavior, affecting how many squares they can move each turn, and how much damage they can take.


You can hurt the enemies by being in line with them either horizontally or vertically. You can also acquire progs by hacking into the numbered squares. These progs let you affect the enemies in ways that put you at a temporary advantage, such as freezing them, damaging them, or shoving them back a square on the grid. However, the number on these squares relates to how many enemies it will spawn if you hack into it, so you have to take a risk to get a reward.


There are many other tricks and tactics to pick up while playing the game that will help you reach the end with a high score. It will require some trial-and-error, but if you’re up for that then 868-HACK offers a tough experience to get knotted up in.


You can still play the original 7-day prototype of 868-HACK for free. The game is also available to purchase on the App Store for $5.99.

Chris Priestman