Steam Celebrates Holiday Spirit With Another Crazy Sale


On account of it being a happy time of the year (hopefully), Steam has a sale going on! Note, however, that this sale is specifically for the holidays, and that can only mean one thing: Steam’s trademark insanely-low prices.


Today’s sale has some absolutely incredible deals, for instance, including the recently released indie darling, Super Meat Boy, on sale for only $3.75, and the Deus Ex Collection for a measly $2.99. Perfect if you want to catch up on the series before the sexy-looking Deus Ex: Human Revolution comes out.


Also of particular note are the sales on the entire Prince of Persia series since Sands of Time, and the brand-new Oddboxx — a compilation of the often overlooked Oddworld series, including the formerly-Xbox-exclusive Munch’s Oddyssee and Stranger’s Wrath.


There’s a ton of other stuff on sale today as well, like Recettear: An Item Shop’s Tale, which will be half-off until the sale ends on January 2nd.


Honestly, there’s too much to list, so you’ll want to head over to Steam and look the different sales up yourself. Today’s just Day 1 of the sale, too, with more to come in the next couple days, so keep your eyes peeled if you want some fantastic games without burning a hole in your pocket.