Steel Assault Takes NES-Style 2D Sci-Fi Action To Kickstarter



The two-man team behind NES-style 2D action game Steel Assault have now thrown it up on Kickstarter and Steam Greenlight.


It’s set in the year 2040 after the United States has been subject to revolts and a fascist uprising, tearing it apart. You play as a resistance soldier equipped with one of the last powerful robotic suits as they head into the enemy-occupied Washington D.C. in order to stop ruthless tyrant General Magnus Pierce.


Steel Assault is supposed to be a tightly-designed arcade game. It gives you only one life and has no levels. Instead, it’s one continuous shot from the start to the finish, spanning 10 different areas, meaning you have little time to break your concentration the entire time. That said, lower difficulties do have checkpoints you can use.


Its creators are also being quite strict with themselves on the art work, applying the restrictions of actual NES games to their work, resulting in techniques such as the use of heavy dithering to create a dark, sinister look.


At the moment, about half of Steel Assault is completed. The Kickstarter goal of $8,000 is being raised in order to support the development of the rest of the game. A copy of the game on PC is available for $10. You can find out more about the game on its website.

Chris Priestman