Steel Strider Is The Next Mecha Action Game From Astro Port, Out This Fall


Three-man Japanese studio Astro Port has announced Steel Strider, which is the sequel to its 2D mecha shooter Gigantic Army, and it’s due to come out for PC this fall at $5.99. As always with Astro Port’s games, Nyu Media will be localizing it and bringing it to the west and, in fact, it’s already up on Steam Greenlight.


Steel Strider has you playing as an Argo Express operative and Gemini-class MCR (Manned Combat Robot) pilot who troubleshoots emergencies in planets around the galaxy. Your job is to keep the peace by taking down criminal operations that are said to “possess personnel and armaments equivalent to small armies.”


The game comprises six levels with eight upgradeable weapons to try out and 12 huge mid and end level bosses to tackle. You can play these levels across four difficulty modes from “Easy” to “Insane.” Vital to surviving the more testing levels is the use of your robot’s jetpack to evade shots and hide behind cover at different heights.


Steel Strider is said to pay homage to Turrican and Super Contra, but adds mouse and dual analogue stick-operated weapons to the mix.

Chris Priestman