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Stella Glow Recaps Song Magic And Other Gameplay Features



Now that Stella Glow is available in Japan, 4Gamer recently put together a summary on the game’s main features, explaining more on how Song Magic works, and other activities you’ll get to do in the upcoming 3DS title.



The protagonist Alto.

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The Water Witch Risette.

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Hilda, the “Witch of Destruction”.


The Wind Witch PoPo.


The fire Witch Sakuya.


The Earth Witch  Moldimolt.



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The above is a look at Claus, Rusty, and Archbolt. They’re the royal knights of Regnant, and will be there to help out Alto.


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Stella Glow is split into visual novel-like communication parts and battle parts. When you’re not fighting, you’ll spend time bonding with characters, and the more you do, the more skills they’ll learn.


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The witches have access to powerful Song Magic, but they won’t be able to use them right away. In order to get them, they must first be “tuned”. This is done by diving inside the “Spirit World” of each witch, then defeating a monster found within. Doing so will unlock their ability to learn Song Magic.


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When you’re not fighting in battles or becoming better friends with other characters, you can take on odd jobs or go exploring to find items during your free time.


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From damaging all enemies to healing all allies, Song Magic is the key to winning battles, and you’ll need to learn the best way to use them in your six-man parties.


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There are also skills that consume SP. These will also be valuable to have in battle. While they might not be as powerful as Song Magic, skills come in different varieties such as powerful attacks, healing magic, and more.


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There are also “Orbs” that can be slotted in weapons. These have various effects such as accuracy up, poison attack, and more. You can put together a combination of different Orbs to fit your skills, too.



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Song Magic itself comes in two main types. They can be used by filling up your Song Stone Gauge, which goes up by hitting enemies. The first type is a Solo, where one Witch can do different effects on allies or enemies around her. Solos don’t cost too much Song Stone, so they can be used frequently.

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The second type is called the “Ensemble,” where the witch and Alto work together for a powerful magic that affects the entire field. Since it uses up a lot of the meter, the timing of when it’s used is always crucial.


Stella Glow is currently available in Japan for Nintendo 3DS.

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