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Stella Glow’s Song Music Gives Everyone Critical Hits Or Puts Enemies To Sleep



Stella Glow’s heroines all have powerful Song Magic that can give you an edge on the battlefield, but you’ll need to unlock them all by going inside their hearts and defeating their beasts within. The latest trailers for the game demonstrates two new song magic abilities.


Similar to what we’ve seen with the other heroines, Alto is shown going into the heart of the heroine by stabbing their chest with a special-looking knife. Don’t worry, they’ll still be fine, as it’s only a method to unlock their true powers.


The Fire Witch Sakura’s Song Magic is called “Indigo Cherry Blossom,” and when she uses it, it grants the entire party with an “Absolute Critical” effect, meaning that all of their next hits will be a 100% critical attack. Sakuya is voiced by Yui Sakakibara, who also sings the Song Magic track.


The following video is for Moldimolt, who also seems to be called “Moldi” by Alto. Her Song Magic is called “Red Galaxy,” and upon its use it appears to put all the enemies on the field into a slumber, which sounds like it could come in handy in any given situation.


Mordi is a Wind Witch and is voiced by Emi Nitta, who also sings the Song Magic for the character. You can also check our earlier report to see some of the earlier Song Magic from other characters like Popo’s enemy disabling ability, and Risette’s healing track.


Stella Glow will release in Japan on June 4, 2015 for Nintendo 3DS.

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