Stone Cold Gives Shout Out To Street Fighter Pro Who Performed His WWE Entrance



During the CEO 2015 Fighting Game Championships held between June 26-28th at Orlando Florida, Street Fighter pro K-Brad (Kenneth Bradley) entered the ring by mimicking WWE wrestler Stone Cold Steve Austin’s entrance, including smashing two beers together on the turnbuckle, and then issuing a Stone Cold Stunner inside the ring itself.


You can watch K-Brad’s entrance above, which took place just prior to his Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 match against another pro, Chris-G, and see the crowd that was present there go quite wild at the sight. Typically, you’d expect the story to end there, but it doesn’t.



As you can watch in the clip from episode 235 of the Steve Austin Show (Stone Cold’s podcast), Steve Austin himself gave a shout out to K-Brad, saying that he saw the video of him performing his WWE entrance, and that he appreciates that he kept the Stone Cold legacy alive.


You can hear the part where Steve Austin issues the shout out in the podcast by listening to it here and winding forward to 1:00:15.

Chris Priestman