Stop Time To Dodge Impossible Bullet Patterns In Witch-Bot Meglilo


Japanese indie studio Astro Port has released its bullet-hell shooter Witch-Bot Meglilo on Playism for Windows. You can purchase it for $5.99 or download a demo.


“The concept for WITCH-BOT MEGLILO was to create a unique shoot ‘em up that allows players to ‘stop time and dodge through a hail of bullets,’” writes Astro Port. “Players will feel unstoppable as they easily evade attacks that they would normally find difficult to avoid, as well as attacks that are impossible to avoid.”


The game is set in 1977 and has you playing as Meglilo after she is killed by the Gogoh Army when arriving at the human world and then transformed into a powerful witch-bot so she can seek revenge.


Her most distinctive power is a “time-stop warp” that, as Astro Port said, allows you to stop time and more easily evade bullets momentarily.


You’re also able to equip any of the 10 variations of “satellite” – weapons that float on either side of Meglilo – on both her sides, so that you can have melee attacks on the left and lasers on the right, for example.

Chris Priestman
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