Story of Seasons merchandise utensils including Mascot Cow branded glass milk mug
Image courtesy of Movic and Marvelous

Story of Seasons New Merchandise Will Include Cow Milk Mug

Movic has revealed a new lineup of interior merchandise inspired by Marvelous’ Story of Seasons game series. The lineup will consist of a calendar clock, a milk jar-shaped room fragrance diffuser, and a dining utensil set that includes a glass milk mug branded with the series’ mascot cow. Pre-orders for the items are available for a limited time on the Animate Online Shop.

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The first item will be a desk clock with a calendar that costs 7,700 yen (~$48.30). The calendar will consist of blocks that regularly mark the month and day, but it will also have another block that marks the “seasonal month” as it appears in the series entries.

Next up on the list is a milk jar-shaped room fragrance diffuser that will cost 6,050 yen (~$38). Movic noted that the fragrance used here will be inspired by the Blue Feather that the games’ players use to confess love. After the fragrance has run out, the owner will be able to wash the jar and repurpose it to store items.

The last entry is a dining utensil set that includes a glass mug branded with the franchise’s mascot cow; although the owner is free to pour any drink other than milk. This set will have a price tag of 9,900 yen (~$62).

These items feature the title Bokujo Monogatari, which is what the farming life simulation game series has been consistently known as in Japan. It was formerly known in the West as Harvest Moon, but a title rights issue caused the franchise to be split. The more recent titles and remakes of the original series are now being released under the Story of Seasons brand. In late May 2024, Marvelous showed a sneak peek of the series’ upcoming entry that will feature a usable glider.

Movic will close the pre-order period for the Story of Seasons merchandise collection on July 9, 2024. The company will start delivering the finished products in October 2024.

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