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Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns Update In Japan Adds New Buddy Cheburashka



Marvelous just released a new update in Japan for Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns that brings a new buddy named Cheburashka to the game as well as additional scenes and winter costumes.


Cheburashka is actually a character based on Soviet writer Eduard Uspensky’s Crocodile Gena and HIs Friends. He’s a mysterious creature that arrives in an orange box, and due to his habit to always tumbling even after being picked up, he’s been given the nickname “Tumbled Cheburashka.”


The small creature has large ears and big eyes, he’s innocent, earnest, and loveable, making this childlike pure character a character that represents Russia. The character gained popularity in Japan after his film was first made available in Japan back in 2001.





The above is a peek at some of the additional event scenes being added to the game. This one involves an additional event for the Starry Night Festival where you and your partner will give presents to kids. There’s also one that involves visiting the other villages after the New Year Festival.


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006 007


As well as some new winter costumes to go with the time of year.


Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns is available for Nintendo 3DS.

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