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Stranger of Sword City Maker Has Multiple Xbox One Titles In Development For The West


Stranger of Sword City Xbox One

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Dungeon RPG maker Experience has brought Stranger of Sword City to the West, and Siliconera recently caught up with company president Hajime Chikami to talk about what else they have planned for Western releases.


Now you’re opening an international branch and self publishing Stranger of Sword City for Xbox One. Why did you want to start an international office? Is Experience planning to self-publish future titles?

Chikami: A different company has been publishing Experience’s games for the West since several years ago, and thankfully, it appears the games have been reviewed quite well there. Because of this, we wanted to reach more Western fans and show them the fun of our games. Even now, we are in the middle of developing multiple titles on the Xbox One for Western release.



So far, the company has only announced Stranger of Sword City as the only Xbox One title that will release in the West. Chikami mentioned in the interview that they’re in the middle of developing multiple Xbox One titles for Western release, so perhaps we’ll hear about some from the new titles and projects that the company is expected to unveil at their 10th anniversary event on May 1st.


While on the subject of Xbox One titles, I asked Chikami-san about his thoughts on the possibilities of making the Xbox One succeed in Japan:


Experience has been a strong supporter of Xbox starting with Students of the Round and now with Stranger of Sword City for Xbox One. What do you think can make Xbox One succeed in Japan?

Though I can say it’d be difficult for Experience to do that alone, we do want to continue providing games and assist in hyping them up. It’d make me happy if more third parties got interested as a result.


We’ll have more on our interview from Experience president Hajime Chikami, including some talks on Stranger of Sword City, Labyrinth Cross Blood, and more soon.

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