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The Stranger of the Village Of The Sword Goes Portable With Vita Version



Demon Gaze developers Experience’s Team Muramasa announced that their latest dungeon RPG is headed to PlayStation Vita as The Stranger of the Village of the Sword: Black Palace. The game’s latest trailer shows us a look at the game’s handheld version.


After a brief introduction, the video shows some key characters, starting with Riu at the 0:38 mark of the video, followed by others who’ll help out in your DRPG adventures, along with other mysterious characters.


They also show Malilith at 0:53 and Alm at 1:09. Together with Riu, the three characters play a major role in the game’s story, as they’re vessels to the dormant spirits of greater beings.


What makes them a big factor in your progress, is how they’ll determine which path you’ll take out of light, neutral, and dark. They’ll also determine the type of skills you’ll get as well, depending on a certain choice you make. You can read more details about that in our earlier report.


The Stranger of the Village of the Sword: Black Palace is slated for release in Japan on January 22, 2015 for PlayStation Vita. It is currently available on PC and Xbox 360 in Japan as well.

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