Strategic Placement Is The Key In Card Game Divine Girls



    Enjoy card games and beautiful illustrations but don’t want to have to click around too much while playing? Then newly released social game Divine Girls from publishers Com2Us could be the answer.



    After failing abysmally at trying to summon a legendary devil, you’re stuck with a cute and sassy angel instead. Who… kinda looks like Disgaea’s Flonne. And who’s not happy that you  just pulled her away from wherever she just came from. Now you’ve got to find the truth about the Heavenly World, recovering artifacts and the angel’s memories along the way.


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    The card game mechanics are pretty stock standard, with units represented as cards sauntering down a map’s chosen path. Upon encountering enemies, players can re-arrange their troops a little before simply letting both sides swing away till one falls over. The re-arranging is essentially two rows of your troops, and two of theirs. Each character comes with their own class and race types, which can affect how skills play out and where you should move characters around to. Mage types, for instance, can hide out in the back flinging spell attacks, while others are capable of attacking multiple rows or units at once.


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    There are some 300 different divine beings to recruit, and you’ll of course be able to get more by either finishing battles or rolling for them in the random-slot machine. One thing to note though is that Divine Girls really seems pretty random. Unlike other social games, where capturing a monster during battle and then finishing a map guarantees it, Divine Girls requires you to pick a box again at the end of a map. You could end up getting the lass, or you could end up getting… gold.


    Divine Girls is out now on Android and iOS.


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