Strategy And Secret Societies Come Together In Cabals: Magic & Battle Cards



Cabals: Magic & Battle Cards, a strategy card game that’s been free to play on PC, Android, and iOS, is looking to get onto Steam.




Cabals: Magic & Battle Cards mixes board games and card games together. Players can place units along the 5X5 playable battlefield, using various creatures, devices, and actions through their 30-card decks to take their opponent’s stronghold.




The game’s six cabals, which players can choose to align themselves with, draw from secret societies, folklore, and mythology, giving players a variety of real-world histories and stories along with their powerful cards.




Having been available since 2011 in various forms, Cabals: Magic & Battle Cards already has established monthly tournaments with rewards to be won, as well as an existing community of players, community tournaments, and giveaways.

Alistair Wong
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