If Street Fighter Married A Tactics Game, Might It Be This Battle Combination?


Street Fighter—as in the real, Round 1 Fighty bits—is becoming a card game, titled Street Fighter: Battle Combination. The last time we covered it, we reported that the game had a 5-on-5 battle royale match system, but didn’t really have much information on how it played. Now, we have a bit more information on this front.


Battle Combination is clearly based off a regular round as if it were a real bout of the fighting game, but there’s some level of tactics required as you play cards for various characters. The cards are set into a deck that combines five of the Street Fighter characters and seem to correspond directly to moves from each character’s play set, such as uppercuts for Ryu or Chun Li’s various kick moves.


It seems you’ll strive to be able to play the cards you have in the right order so as to turn these single hits into combos, a staple of the series. So Ryu could land a strong punch that combos into E. Honda’s headbutt that turns into Chun li’s spin kick. Your team’s overall health and attack powers are taken into consideration to determine just how powerful your chosen fighter will be, and there seems to be costs associated with each card to limit you simply throwing Supers out left and right.


There will be three modes to play through: Stage Mode, Versus Mode and Formidable Foe Battle Mode.


Street Fighter: Battle Combination has a few days left till Christmas with its open beta, if you’re on Android and want to check it out. You can get it by scanning the QR Code here or downloading it on the Google Play Store. The game will arrive on iOS devices at a later date as well.


Street Fighter: Battle Combination is in open beta on Android right now and will arrive on iOS later as well.