Street Fighter: The Miniatures Game Meets Its Kickstarter Goal In 24 Hours


    039434620e2f685347e2333debf5876f_original On April 4, 2018, Jasco Games launched a Street Fighter: The Miniatures Game board game on Kickstarter. It was seeking $400,000 by May 4, 2018 to make the game a reality. By April 5, 2018, it had passed that goal. This means the game should launch in March 2019.


    Street Fighters: The Miniatures Game lets two to six players use the Universal Tactics System to simulate fights, allowing people to play in Free for All, Versus and Team Mode. There will also be a 3v1 Boss Mode, should someone get the Boss Expansion. All of its miniatures will be pre-painted, collector-sized, 65mm figures that are about as big as an amiibo. (The crowdfunding page actually shows Zangief next to Little Mac.) A video has been prepared going over the miniatures.



    The figures for Street Fighter: The Miniatures Game have been revealed. The Core Set includes Ryu, Ken, Chun-Li, Sagat, Vega and Zangief. Each one has a 40-card battle deck, character card and player board. Should someone get the Boss Expansion, they will also get Bison and Akuma. Optional add-ons allow you to get four packs of figures for $40 each, with the Street Fighter Alpha pack including Dan, Karin, R. Mika and Sakura, the Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike pack including Alex, Ibuki, Makoto and Q, the Street Fighter IV pack including Cody, Guy, Juri and Viper, and the Street Fighter V pack bringing Laura, Nash, Necalli and Rashid.


    As of 12pm CT on April 5, 2018, four stretch goals had been revealed. The first is a $450,000 tier that unlocks Guile as a playable character. The $500,000 goal is a component upgrade that puts Spot UV logos on boxes. At $550,000 a Power-Ups Mode will be added. At $600,000, Blanka will become a playable character. At the time this article was written, the Kickstarter was $10,000 away from reaching the Guile goal.


    The Street Fighter: The Miniatures Game Kickstarter runs until May 4, 2018. The lowest amount you can pledge to get the Core Set is $80. (That level does not include Stretch Goal bonuses.) The least amount of money you can kick in to get the Core Set, Boss Expansion and Stretch Goals is $140.

    Jenni Lada
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