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Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition Is Getting A Free Trial On April 23, Breath of Fire II Content May 10



Capcom shared the latest update for what’s coming to Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition with a new Breath of Fire II costume and BGM track, a free trial starting April 23, and more.



Starting April 23 at 1:00pm (download begins at 9:00am PT) until May 5, players will get to try out a free trial version of Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition. Those on PS4 won’t be required to have a PlayStation Plus subscription to download and play offline, however, it is required to play online. Those who wish to play on PC will need to get it through Stream.


During this time, all the initial content from the original Street Fighter V and the modes introduced in Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition are included for free. All 16 original characters included with the game are playable in the free trial, including Ryu, Ken, Chun-Li, M. Bison, and more. Four fan-favorite DLC characters in Akuma, Blanka, Juri, and Menat will also be playable during the free trial, but they’ll only be available in Ranked, Casual, Battle Lounge, Training, and Challenges.


Here’s more from the Capcom-Unity blog:


Breath of Fire II Extra Battle Content

What do Falke from Street Fighter V and Katt from Breath of Fire II have in common? From May 10 to June 7 in Extra Battle Mode, Capcom is teaming up these two heroines for a crossover costume featuring the beloved role-playing classic originally published in 1994. Both Falke and Katt expertly wield staves in battle, and both know guys named Ryu (different dudes) – what match could be more perfect?


Additionally, you can obtain the Breath of Fire II background music during this time in Extra Battle Mode, which will also be available May 10 through June 7!


M. Bison’s Classic costume returns to Fighting Chance


For those who missed out on M. Bison’s more traditional look last November, obtain a Fantasy Fortune Reading and pay Menat a visit – you might just unlock M. Bison’s Classic costume! Try your luck between April 23 and June 15 when M. Bison’s Classic costume returns to Fighting Chance.


Capcom Pro Tour DLC is Back!

In case you missed any of the 2016, 2017 or 2018 Capcom Pro Tour (CPT) DLC for Street Fighter V, don’t fret! The bundles return on April 23 for the following prices:

  • 2016 CPT DLC Bundle: $9.99

  • 2017 CPT DLC Bundle: $14.99 (previously $24.99)

  • 2018 CPT DLC Bundle: $14.99 (previously $19.99)


Costume Bundles

Capcom is also kicking off a sale of essential character bundles starting April 23 featuring some of Street Fighter V’smost iconic characters. All of these prices and bundles are for North America. For sales happening in other regions, please see their respective channels.


Ryu Bundle (8 costumes, $14.99)

  • Battle Outfit 1
  • Halloween
  • B-Boy
  • School Uniform
  • Capcom Pro Tour
  • Arthur
  • Mega Man
  • Jin Saotome
  • Costume Colors
    • Battle Outfit 1 (all colors)
    • Arthur (all colors)
    • Jin Saotome (all colors)

Chun-Li Bundle (9 costumes, $14.99)

  • Battle Outfit 1
  • Swimsuit
  • B-Girl
  • Capcom Pro Tour
  • School Uniform
  • Professional
  • Nostalgic
  • June
  • Morrigan
  • Costume Colors
    • Battle Outfit 1 (all colors)
    • June (all colors)

Capcom Costume Bundle (3 bundles, $19.99)

  • Monster Hunter Bundle
  • Devil May Cry and Ghosts ‘n Goblins Bundle
  • Darkstalkers Bundle


Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition is available on PlayStation 4 and PC.

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