Capcom announced a Street Fighter V collector’s edition which includes the PlayStation 4 game, a 10 inch. Ryu statue, 48 page hardcover art book, a code for a collection of Udon’s Street Fighter comics, and another code for a Street Fighter V soundtrack sampler. The collector’s edition will retail for $99.99.


Street Fighter V has costumes as a pre-order bonus and the outfit you get will depend on where you purchase the game from.


Gamestop has a battle costume for Ryu.

sfv-costume-01 sfv-costume-02


Amazon has a battle costume for M. Bison (Dictator).

sfv-costume-05 sfv-costume-06


Best Buy has a battle costume for Cammy.

sfv-costume-03 sfv-costume-04


If you pre-order a digital copy of Street Fighter V on the PlayStation Store or for PC you’ll get a Chun-Li battle costume as a bonus.

sfv-costume-07 sfv-costume-08 


All copies of Street Fighter V also include a one month subscription to the Capcom Fighters Channel on Twitch. This gives access to the video archive and Street Fighter emoticons.


Street Fighter V is scheduled to come out for PlayStation 4 and PC next year.

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