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Street Fighter V’s Akuma Can Go Topless Using Input Code Easter Egg With “Nostalgia” Costume



Akuma is headed to Street Fighter V on December 20, but players discovered from pre-season 2 sessions that his premium “Nostalgia” costume has an input-code Easter egg that allows him to take off his top, in similar fashion to Urien. [Thanks, Shoryuken.]


It hasn’t been confirmed whether the input code is the same for other recent costume sets (LP+MP+HP+LK and hold Up on joystick) or if it’s a different one like Urien’s (LP+MK+HK), but you can see it being performed in the above video.


Street Fighter V is available for PlayStation 4 and PC. You can check out more of Akuma along with some info on season 2 DLC in our earlier report.

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