Street Fighter’s Sakura Kicks Ryu’s Can in a Stop Motion Video

street fighter sakura ryu stop motion video

Kenta “Animist” Shinohara added a Street Fighter Sakura and Ryu stop motion video to the ranks of the many animated features in their collection. As is common with the short films, it features crossovers and the figures interacting with items we’d use in everyday life. In this case, Sakura beats up Ryu’s Red Bull can.

With Animist’s videos, figures, rigs, stands, and even more traditional 2D, drawn elements come together to create a final video. In this case, we see the Street Fighter Sakura and Ryu S.H. Figuarts being used for a video. Animist even showed in-progress stills where the 2D effects were drawn to better mimic and reference Sakura’s actual attacks, instead of using motion blurring techniques.

Here’s the uncut and original Street Fighter Sakura Ultra Combo video where she faces off against Ryu’s empty Red Bull can. She uses moves like Shunpukyaku and Shouoken to annihilate it. 

Here’s the making of video, where we see Animist examining the Sakura figure, taking photos, and animating the scene. In the step-by-step process, you can see where all of the stands were and the adjustments that would need to be made to ensure things looked smooth. It also shows the editing process, where elements like a fake UI are added and stands erased.

Back in 2019, Animist also had a video of Ryu beating up a Red Bull can alone.

In case you missed them, you might want to double back and check out Animist’s past videos involving ‘ target=_blank>Sephiroth playing basketball with Kirby or the latest Demon Slayer stop motion video involving Nendoroids.

Jenni Lada
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