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Strikers 2020, And Hot Gimmick: Axes-jong For Switch Announced


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    This week, City Connection and Zerodiv (who was acquired by City Connection in March) announced that they are making a new game in the Strikers series of shmups, tentatively titled Strikers 2020. [Thanks, 4Gamer!]


    According to Zerodiv’s Takayuki Harakami, the game is aiming for a 2020 release, and is aiming for a multiplatform release, although which home consoles it will come to has not been decided. That said, as the series began on arcade, he believes that arcades will be one of the platforms as well.


    As of now, only the title has been decided, and the two companies are figuring out the development team, and more. The title was originally going to be tentatively Strikers 20XX, but they named it 2020 to increase their motivation levels.


    Hot Gimmick: Axes-jong

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    Additionally, Hot Gimmick: Axes-jong, a mahjong game which came out on PlayStation 2 originally is coming to the Nintendo Switch. The series of mahjong games is known for its sexy scenes shown when players win. Currently, Hot Gimmick: Cosplay-jong is already available on Nintendo Switch.


    When asked whether City Connection and Zerodiv have any plans to make a new game in the series, they answered that they are only in the consideration process, but it’s hard to make a new game in the series considering the morals of the modern day. That said, while this one is just a port, they hope the next game made in the series will be a completely original one.


    Strikers 2020 has been announced for a tentative multiplatform 2020 release. Hot Gimmick: Axes-jong was originally available for PlayStation 2, and is coming to Nintendo Switch.

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