Strikey Sisters Turns Brick Breaking Into A Fantasy-Themed Rescue Mission

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When Lord Vanik steals their beloved pet, Marie and Elene set out to take it back, using their magical weapons to send shots bouncing through Vanik’s halls in Strikey Sisters, an arcade brick breaker with a fantasy slant.



Whether alone or in co-op, players will send shots bouncing through small areas with a swipe of their swords, keeping the deadly shots pinging around their enemies and anything that gets in their way. As they take out walls and monsters, they’ll be able to collect power-ups that change how the ball works, as well as get magic attacks that will tear through the enemy’s defenses.


Strikey Sisters offers several different stages and layouts for players to battle in as they work their way through the game world, tackling challenges in any order they like. Along the way, they’ll be able to push themselves to greater challenges by collecting hidden gems in many stages, as well as find secret routes through many levels.




Strikey Sisters is already complete, and is only awaiting enough Greenlight votes before it will release.

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