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These Are Some Of The Student Games That Caught Nintendo’s Eye



Last year, after three years of absence, Nintendo brought back their Nintendo Game Seminar, a series of educational lectures in Japan conducted by some of the company’s most knowledgeable employees. Future game developers won’t have to wait long for another one, as Nintendo are hosting the event this year, too.


Last year, the seminar focused on game development using Nintendo’s Web Framework, which was used to develop Wii Street U Powered by Google, along with others using HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript. This year’s seminar will focus on “Unity for Wii U,” where students will learn how to develop 2D games for the Nintendo console.


Trainees will be put into teams of 6 to 8 and work on their communication skills and team work, as they take on various courses in programming, graphics, and sound.


Additionally, Nintendo’s Takashi Tezuka, who has worked as director and producer on countless series such as Super Mario and The Legend of Zelda recently got onto Miiverse to show some of the games that were made by trainees during Nintendo Game Seminar 2013.


Here’s a look at his top 4 most notable titles:



Poppo Hunter is a hunting game that requires you to use your senses with the Wiimote to capture pigeons.



Center Heroes is a game that has some kind of  focus on “standing out amongst the others” in order to win.



According to Tezuka, Shimanagame (Island View) is a unique game that doesn’t require much controlling, but rather, it has the concept of relaxing and checking out the view.



Last but not least, Battle Danchi (danchi is a Japanese word for a cluster of apartments). A game that requires you to build a base in order to help protect a spaceship that is making an escape.


Registration for the Nintendo Game Seminar 2014 ends on June 29th, 2014 and the seminars begin this August with various events throughout the year until it ends on March 2015, where trainees will share a final presentation of their finished titles.


Those of you in Japan who are interested in the event can also register through their online entry form.

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