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Style Savvy 3 Has Amiibo Compatibility For Bonus Items



    Nintendo announced Style Savvy 3 earlier in the year, and it will have almost double the clothing items from the previous game. Amiibo figurines will also contribute to all the new clothes, with some bonus items. The official page shares more details.



    By placing an Amiibo on the New Nintendo 3DS’ bottom screen, it will send a character that shares the appearance of your Mii, to your shop. This customer has a certain wish, and if you make it come true, they’ll give you the special item from the Amiibo.



    The above four Amiibo characters of Mario, Peach, Yoshi, and Kirby have special items that you can get. Additionally, you can use Amiibo characters other than these four to get a special accessory.



    As previously reported, the new Style Savvy has five different jobs you can take on. The above is a look at the select shop manager job, which is pretty much the same role you’ve played in the previous games, except this time, you’ll have over 19,000 items to coordinate looks for your customers.


    2015-03-19_043741 2015-03-19_043752

    The beautician’s job will let you change up your customer’s look from out of 1,300 possible combinations of hairstyles. You can also work as a make up artist to put your best cosmetology skills to use and give your customer a nice transformation.


    2015-03-19_044020 2015-03-19_044036

    You can also work as a model, where you’ll be a part of fashion shows and photo shoots for posters. The designer job will let you come up with the latest trends by making your very own clothes.


    Style Savvy 3 will release in Japan on April 16, 2015 for Nintendo 3DS. Nintendo have not yet announced a Western release.

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