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Style Savvy 3 Introduces A New Way To Customize And Share Your Rooms



In addition to the five different jobs you’ll get to take on in Style Savvy 3, the game has a few other new features, including a mini-room customization mode that you can design and show off to your friends. The latest trailer shows what else is new.



At 0:52, the video starts out with a look at the first job we’re used to playing in past Style Savvy games, the Select Store Manager. This job will require you to help customers out with different clothing and style recommendations.


There are about 19,000 items to choose from, with different clothes, bags, and accessories to style up your customers. You can even give them piercings for an added touch. You might occasionally even see your own Mii or that of your friends show up to visit the store.


The 2:03 mark shows the Beautician job. They’re mainly hair-stylists that can pick from over 1,300 different hair combinations to give customers a new look. As a Makeup Artist, customers will hand you photos and memos for what style they’re looking into. You can give them different looks from cool to energetic.


At 2:26, they show a little of what you’ll do as a Designer. In addition to being able to make your own items using various of different styles, you’ll be able to create your own emblems to brand the items or just to give them an extra touch.


The Models work at the photo studio, where you’ll work on your hairstyles and poses to come up with the best possible pictures, which will then be used on advertisement boards seen across town.



2015-04-01_053823 2015-04-01_053849

Next, they show us a little bit on the new miniature-room customization you’ll be able to play with in Style Savvy 3. There are about 1,700 total miniature goods that you’ll get to use in coordinating your own room designs.


2015-04-01_054028 2015-04-01_054050


In addition to being able to place various objects in your mini-rooms, the floors and walls can also be customized for their own looks.


2015-04-01_054454 2015-04-01_054510

Once you finish customizing a mini-room, you can have them show up in enlarged sizes to have photo sessions with your characters. Customers may also ask to borrow them after checking them out at the store, too. Additionally, you can also upload your customized mini-rooms to share them with friends and strangers on the Internet.


At the 3:58 mark, the video shows how pleased customers will occasionally buy tickets to your fashion show event. The more customers, the better, and a successful fashion show means more customers to your store.


Finally, we get a look at some of the activities you’ll get to online with friends in Style Savvy 3. There’s an option to connect to the Miiverse to host or participate in themed photo contests. You can also connect locally to visit different places with friends and take pictures.


Style Savvy 3 is slated for release in Japan on April 16, 2015 for Nintendo 3DS.

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