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Style Savvy 3 Now Lets You Design Clothes With The Designer Job



With five different jobs to take on, players will be busier than ever in Style Savvy 3. The official website has been updated with a closer look at all five jobs and details on what you’ll need to do in order to be successful at each.


Select Shop Manager:


This is a job that most Style Savvy players are probably already familiar with, as it was the primary role they took on in Trendsetters. You take on the responsibilities of a shop owner that helps customers out with different clothing and style recommendations. Depending on your fashion sense, you can help them look cute or cool or whatever it is they’re looking for.


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As shown in the above images, there are over 19,000 different items to choose from with all kinds of tops, bottoms, shoes, bags, and accessories. Just like the first two Style Savvy games, there are also different brands with their own styles.




From soft bob cuts to classic shorts, there are over 1,300 different hair combinations, and the Beauticians are in charge of giving new hairstyles to the customers.


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When working with customers, they’ll have different requests, and you’ll need to figure out which style works best with what they’re asking for. Selina is asking for a hairstyle that gives her an “older sister” look.


There are also hints such as “a feminine hairstyle that suits their clothing” to help you out. You can also change your own hairstyles, even with detailed little changes.


Makeup Artist:


As a Makeup Artist, you’ll be in charge of your customers a makeoever. From changing their eyebrows, to adding eyeshadow and mascara, little differences can go a long way toward changing up a look.



Some customers will request makeup that to look more energetic, while others will want a look that’s more cool. They’ll provide photographs for reference, too, and it’ll be up to you to give them the look they ask for.



From celebrity to princess styles, the Makeup Artist job will allow you to make your own sets of makeup, which can then be sold at the store.




As a Model, you’ll be part of fashion shows and photo ops for posters and billboards. You’ll need to figure out the best combinations in terms of clothing coordination, hairstyles, makeup, poses, and more.


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There are all kinds of requests for models, like one asking for a “happy wedding”. This request is apparently looking for an exquisite poster that can convey a happy wedding.


By putting in plenty of work in all five jobs, you’ll get to be part of a fashion show. These will require you to coordinate with certain themes, and then walk the runway. Good coordination will make for a successful show, which means more customers will go to the shop.




Last but not least, as a Designer, you’ll be in charge of acquiring clothes that fit the orders from customers, design items of your personal preference, as well as completely new items that one has yet to see.


2015-03-26_023551 2015-03-26_023601

To give items your own signature look, you can create branded emblems and place them on the items you make. You can design shirts, dresses, shoes, tights, bags, and other “special items”. As far as orders from customers go, there are various orders from simple shirts to lavish wedding dresses.


Style Savvy 3 will release in Japan on April 16, 2015 for Nintendo 3DS.

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