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Style Savvy: Fashion Forward Never Goes Out Of Style, Even After The Ending



Style Savvy: Fashion Forward isn’t the longest game. It took me, at most, about 24 hours to beat the Japanese version of the game, and I was through the English version in less time since I knew what I was doing. Fortunately, this is an entry with a rather robust post-game experience. Even after the end, you’re going to have plenty of outfits to put together, clothing to design, miniatures to collect, and colors to accumulate.


Unlocking is the obvious part. There are more stores to unlock in Style Savvy: Fashion Forward. Purple Moon, the cosplay shop, is one of them. This is accomplished by continuing to serve customers and the “main” characters. You can earn special events to attend. For example, Adelaide is getting married and needs your help to get the best wedding dress. The Stylettos need the right looks to rock. Ricky will take you out on what is basically a date. (Though, there is no romance in this installment.) There are even special hairstyles, like the cat ears, you’ll get from helping out salon customers like Kitty. And the only way to earn Zelda’s tiara from her amiibo is through an outfit made up of Enid Chen clothing.


In order to get these extras, you’ll have to keep playing the game. I recommend regularly maintaining your shop. People like Xiaoling, Adelaide, and other major players will stop in for aid as long as you keep busy. Don’t forget to keep doing hair and makeup too. I know some requests can get tedious. People will keep coming back, asking for the same things. But, as long as you keep pressing forward and earning money, eventually these special guests will visit and events will trigger. Just make sure you keep working, searching for exclamation marks at different times of day and night to find new Rainbow colors, and telling people you work with to “Try it on!”



There’s also DLC to keep up with. There have been two yukatas released so far. One’s inspired by Peach and the other by Rosalina. In Japan, there were Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer miniatures released, as well as Splatoon clothing and outfits from other real-world fashion lines. Nintendo doesn’t make a big deal about releasing these extras, so it really comes down to checking in every week or so to see if something new is available for free.


Men’s fashion even comes back once you “beat” Style Savvy: Fashion Forward, but not in the same way it did in Style Savvy: Trendsetters. After you’ve gone and been the most fashionable person in the game, it’s possible to go to the main menu and adjust clothing of characters like Ricky. You have to go to the title menu and choose specific men to redress them, but you have access to a full wardrobe for them.


Personally, I’m still investigating to see if it’s possible to meet Granny Elaine. The game begins with a letter from her, giving you a key to head through the magic door to Beaumonde. It ends with another letter, congratulating you on working your “magic” on the town. The ending suggests an appearance, saying, “I’m looking forward to the day that your magic reaches me too.” It makes me wonder if Elaine is out there too, a younger version of her perhaps, that might reunite with the player.


Really, the only thing you can do in Style Savvy: Fashion Forward is keep playing. There are lots of special NPCs that begin showing up at or after the end, as well as special events with Adelaide, Xiaoling, Ricky, and the Stylettos. You can change up the looks of the important men who live in town. DLC is trickling out too, giving you looks you wouldn’t be able to enjoy in the game otherwise. It’s all about sticking with the game, when you can, and enjoying any bonus events or NPCs that appear. I’m still waiting for EL-LI-OT to show up, to try and force her into some futuristic outfit.


Style Savvy: Fashion Forward is available for the Nintendo 3DS.

Jenni Lada
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