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Style Savvy: Fashion Forward’s Fashion Shows Pay Off



Style Savvy: Fashion Forward is a consumeristic game. You want people to keep buying things from your shop, so you can keep buying new clothes from the exhibition hall to both add to your closet and increase your stock. It’s the most pleasant sort of vicious cycle, since it’s carried out in a world where no one has to worry about debt and everyone is enthusiastic about a hobby they love. But, there’s one surefire way to line your pockets while also enjoying yourself.


Fashion shows are the key to success in Style Savvy: Fashion Forward. Here’s how your day normally goes when you don’t participate in one. People come in to your store and request one item. If you make them “Try it on” and they love it, there’s always a chance they’ll ask you for another piece of clothing or to make a full outfit that matches that item they already want to buy. These opportunities are great, but they aren’t the ideal means of earning income. The second you can start setting up fashion shows, those are the best means of getting the money you need to establish yourself.




The outfit you wear in the fashion show sets the next trend for Beaumonde. People who normally wouldn’t wear clothes from certain companies will, if you’re wearing a full outfit with those pieces in the show. They’ll also be more likely to come in asking for a full outfit, rather than one piece. It’s a way to strategically influence trends and take advantage of your own popularity.


I like to use this to clear out my inventory. While Style Savvy: Fashion Forward gives you a really large storeroom that can hold hundreds of items, sometimes seeing so many styles to choose from is overwhelming. You can always sell items in groups directly from the stockroom to clear them out and recoup your costs, but it’s more satisfying and profitable to make actual sales to customers who stop in.



Once you have a substantial bank account, it’s a good idea to go all in. I’m talking about Enid Chen. That’s the new name for the Zhade brand available in previous Style Savvy games. It’s all high end clothes that will really set you back when buying them. Which means you earn big money when you wear an outfit made up entirely of pieces from this line in a Style Savvy: Fashion Forward fashion show and win. The only downside with the Enid Chen gamble is, AZ-USA falls in the same bold, chic, and celebrity line. So, sometimes people will come in after the show and clearly can’t afford Enid Chen, but still want an outfit similar to the one you wore in the show.


You don’t really have to go out of your way to succeed in Style Savvy: Fashion Forward. This is the sort of game where you’re always winning. There’s honestly no way to lose money. But, if you want to get more money than usual, perhaps a little faster than you’d expect, focus on fashion shows. Then, once you have enough money to put together a nice stockpile of Enid Chen clothing, try and wear those clothes at shows to make customers open up their wallets.


Style Savvy: Fashion Forward is now available for the Nintendo 3DS.

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