Stylish Hack-‘N’-Slash Roguelike Necropolis Comes Out March 17th


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Harebrained Schemes (the people behind Shadowrun Returns) have announced that its stylish action-roguelike Necropolis is coming out for PC on Steam on March 17th. Pre-orders are due to open up on February 2nd.


Also announced is that Necropolis will have a four-player cooperative mode when it launches. Conceptually, it’ll operate the same as the single player experience.


In Necropolis, you play as a nameless adventurer attempting to escape the deadly, multi-tiered dungeon of the Archmage Abraxis. To do this you’ll need to fight through the monsters that Abraxis has collected over his lifetime.


At the core of the game is a combat system based on timing and animation. “It’s fast and deadly – learn to anticipate enemy attack patterns, time your actions for maximum effect, and use smart combinations of heavy and light attacks to defeat your enemies,” says Harebrained Schemes.


There’s also an upgrade system that resets every time you die. You can collect Components to create magic Elixirs, find Items of Power to unlock new magic abilities, and locate mystical Codexes to upgrade with runes, wards, and spells.

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