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You Successes & Failures Will Change Life For The Next Hero In this Co-Op Action RPG


The Swords of Ditto has players fighting colorful monsters in a charming, animated world, but should they fail in their quest to defeat evil, their actions will still matter for the next hero that takes their place.


The Swords of Ditto features a variety of possible player heroes, all looking to defeat the forces of the evil Mormo. They’ll use whatever weapons they can find to fight in the wide world, using swords and arrows, but also vinyl frisbees, magic golf clubs, and giant feet to stomp enemies flat and bring back peace. Assuming they don’t get caught up doing sidequests, puttering around the huge overworld, or head right to the final boss straight from the beginning.

Since The Swords of Ditto doesn’t impose control on where the player goes, they can make an attempt on the final boss’ life right from the start. Should they fail, though, control will be passed on to another hero who will take up the quest, costing players valuable equipment and items. These items can be recovered should the player find the body, but the actions of the past hero will carry over in some ways, altering the story and some gameplay elements for the next hero.


Players will be able to collect items and powerful magic stickers alone or with a local co-op friend, and doing so can make survival much easier. In co-op, one player can revive the other with a healing hug, giving them a better shot of keeping that hero alive long enough to overcome Mormo and her henchmen.

The Swords of Ditto is slated to release in 2018.

Alistair Wong
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