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Suda51 Teases Several New Details About Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes




While Suda51 did not have any new gameplay to show off for Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes in a recent livestream with Famitsu, he revealed several new details about the game.


nmh3 1


Firstly, he showed off a gun called the ‘Golden Gun’, which is used to kill demons by an unannounced character. The character appears in a game-within-a-game that has a modern setting, and Suda remarked that the gun is similar to the one that appears in Killer7.


nmh3 2


Suda also showed off a ‘Demon Spear’, the design of which was literally sent to him the day of the livestream. It appears in the 6th (and final) game-within-a-game, and also the opening movie of the game, which is why they had the finalized design.


nmh3 3


An enemy design was also teased, with the enemy using a beam ‘kamehameha’ attack. The attack is done from a pair of hands that appear from the mouth of the enemy.


Finally, Suda revealed a new detail about the setting, where there is even a game that is about a ‘game-within-a-game’.


Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes will release for the Nintendo Switch in early 2018.

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