Special Tech Correspondent Alf Joining Monday’s Summer Game Fest Stream

summer game fest alf 2

When the Muppets showed up at The Game Awards 2019, it sort of made sense. Disney is a big presence in the world, Muppets are still kind of relevant, and it was a good opportunity to brandish a goose puppet. Now it seems like Geoff Keighley just really has an interest in televised puppets. I cannot believe I am typing these words, dear readers. But this is a thing that is happening on Monday. Summer Game Fest will be running a stream, and a “special tech correspondent” will be there. It’s Alf. Alf is the special tech correspondent. Alf.

Just, here:

The Summer Game Fest Alf stream will air on Monday, June 22, 2020 at 8am PT/11am ET. It’s a good thing that the current rumor (based on leaks and other silly hinting) is that we’ll be seeing a new Crash Bandicoot announcement, because that’s a great opportunity to make some jokes about eating cats, probably.

This closing paragraph could be a chance to crack wise about what the heck a 90s sitcom puppet has to do with video games. Unfortunately for you all you’re dealing with me, and I know enough about this to drop something painfully relevant here instead:

Sweet dreams, folks.

Lucas White
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