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Summer Lesson Is Getting A Life-Size Hikari Miyamoto Figure For Over $23,000



If you thought the $2,000 Kojima Productions life-size figure for its mascot Ludens was something, wait until you see what Bandai Namco is offering with Summer Lesson’s heroine Hikari Miyamoto.



The Hikari Miyamoto Human Size figure measures about 160cm in height (about 5’2”) and it is said to bring an exciting feeling of having the character “actually being there,” right besides you.



Bandai Namco provided a look with the above images of the 21cm 1/8 scale Figuarts Zero figure to give an example of what the giant Hikari figure would look like, except instead of the humble $83 price tag, it’ll go for a whopping 2,700,000 yen, or $23,835. Oh, and plus tax.



The new life-size Hikari figure is Bandai Namco’s second product from their “Human Size Project” line of figures, with the previous one being the towering 192cm tall (about 6’3”) Godzilla 1991 Hokkaido Version (pictured above) that went for 4,482,000 yen (roughly $40,000 USD).


If it’s anything like the giant Godzilla figure that only had 10 units produced, the Hikari Human Size figure will likely be available in very limited quantities. A release date has yet to be announced for the Human Size Hikari figure.


Summer Lesson is available in Japan for PlayStation 4, with a physical version releasing this May. The game releases in Asia with English subtitles sometime in early 2017.

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