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Summer Lesson Screenshots Show More Outfits For Hikari-chan And Special Events



Summer Lesson released today in Japan alongside the PlayStation VR, and Bandai Namco shared a look at some alternate costumes for Hikari Miyamoto.


In Summer Lesson: Seven Days Room (Basic Game Pack) the game features a variety if six different shirts. Here’s a look at some that weren’t in the demo:






The above screenshots show us Hikari wearing some more casual clothing as she takes lessons.




This one was popular with viewers of the game’s traile007r—a white T that says “ham sandwich” on it.



By producing good results from lessons, or using “Lucky Items,” you’ll activate special events. The above screenshot shows Hikari listening to a song she really likes on her smartphone. It makes her so happy, she’ll want to share it with you to listen as well.



Again, you can experience the same events with alternate outfits for different expressions.


010 011

Starting out a lesson with a Lucky Item is how you’ll activate some of these events. Outfits and Lucky Items are acquired upon meeting certain conditions. You’ll unlock these by trying out various lessons for a chance to see more special events.


Summer Lesson is now available in Japan for PlayStation 4.

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