Summer Pockets: Reflection Blue Adds Four Heroines And Everyday Life Scenarios


Over the weekend, Key announced an upgraded version of their most recently released visual novel Summer Pockets. The upgraded version is titled Summer Pockets: Reflection Blue, and adds four new routes and more, with the entire game now boasting over 2 million characters of text total.

According to Key, Reflection Blue was originally meant to be a fandisc thanks to Summer Pockets‘ great reception and sales, but they felt it would be a waste to just leave it at that. So they decided on releasing a new version with new character routes.

Firstly, it was announced that Umi, Nozomi, and Shizuku are getting their own story routes.

There’s also a completely new heroine, Shiki Kamiyama, who’ll appear in the game. She’s fond of traveling by herself, and likes eating rice balls.

Here are the main visuals for the four new heroines’ routes.

Another big inclusion in Reflection Blue is the addition of new everyday life scenarios, where you can see the main character and heroines interact and have fun together.

As part of this, the Ping Pong minigame has been massively upgraded, now featuring doubles games where you choose a heroine to play with you, against two other heroines. Depending on who you choose, the teams will have different team names, and different voiced conversations will play during the minigame. (Sadly it doesn’t seem you can make up nicknames for the losers.)

There will be a new theme song for the game, alongside two other new songs. Character songs will also now play in-game, and there’s a total of over 130 CG artworks (without including different expressions, etc.).

Summer Pockets: Reflection Blue is in development for PC. The original Summer Pockets has been confirmed for a 2019 English release on Steam, although we’re in December with no news on the release.

Alistair Wong
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