Namco Bandai’s Summon Night revival continues with an upgraded port of Summon Night 4. The PSP version has new character busts for evening party conversations and event illustrations.


summon4_5 summon4_6 summon4_7 summon4_8 summon4_9 summon4_10 summon4_11 summon4_12


The Summon Assist and Puppet Unit System from the PSP version of Summon Night 3 have been integrated into Summon Night 4 as well. Characters from Summon Night 3 appear in Summon Night 4 as extra units so there are some crossover elements.


summon4_1 summon4_2 summon4_3 summon4_4


Summon Night 4 for PSP has a bunch of brand new special attacks too.


summon4_13 summon4_14 summon4_15 summon4_16 summon4_17 summon4_18


After Summon Night 4, PSP owners can look forward to Summon Night 5. Summon Night 4 includes a product code that unlocks an extra model with the Summon Night 5 protagonist’s clothes for the innkeeper.


summon4_19 summon4_20 summon4_21 summon4_22 summon4_23 summon4_26 summon4_25

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