Summon Night 5 Takes Place Centuries After Summon Night 3



We’ve recently reported that Namco Bandai’s Summon Night 5 will have guests from Summon Night 3, but who would’ve thought that the game takes place several centuries after?


It’s said that the upcoming title will take place 200 to 300 years after previous titles, in the parallel universe, known as Linbaum. The four bordering worlds surrounding Linbaum have also joined as one, making it a much bigger with more areas for you to explore.


It has also been revealed that Summon Night 5’s story will revolve around the world of Summon Night 3. Even though centuries have past since the previous story, the offspring and descendants of characters from Summon Night 3 will make appearances in Summon Night 5 along with several other familiar faces.



Summon Night 5 switched from sprite graphics to 3D models, but the characters will move and talk to each other using 2D portraits during events using an animation technique called “live 2D”.




The fan-favorite night talks will also be part of Summon Night 5, but this time players will be able to see Takeshi Iizuka’s artwork animated with the Live 2D technology.


Summon Night 5 is slated to be released for PSP on May 16.

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