Summon Night 5’s Transforming Mecha Axe And Devilish Partner Characters

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Summon Night 5 is set in a parallel universe known as Linbaum, where they hold a ritual for summoners, giving them a choice between four weapons: Spinel, Berié, Kagerou and Dice.


The heroes of Summon Night 5 are summoners who fight along their soul bound partners, known as ‘Cross’. Players can choose between male and female heroes and will have the option to pick their own Cross as their partners. The Cross will have an impact on the player’s battle style in terms of abilities, weapons and tactics.


Players can pick their own Cross of choice, but let’s take a look at the default pairings of the recently introduced characters.


Karis and Meteora



Karis is a straight forward young man. He’s passionate about friendship but can often get carried away and scolded by his teammates. He’s originally from Roleyal, an industrial city known for mechanical engineers and robotics.



His hobby includes messing around with mechanics and providing maintenance. His Cross is Meteora, a cavalry unit from the Machine Industry of Roleyal.


Meteora transforms into a giant axe when he fights alongside Karis


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Seeda and Florté


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Our female protagonist Seeda is a young mischievous girl with a bad mouth. She can be a bully at times, but deep down she’s a caring older sister type. She was born to a prestigious household but ran away from home to live in the city of Seivaal, as a summoner.



Seeda loves visiting cake shops and being praised. She shares a sisterly relationship with her demon Cross, known as Florté,


When they join forces, Seeda and Florté become one, increasing their abilities to a whole new level.


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Summon Night 5 is slated to be released for PSP this spring.

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