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Super Bomberman R Is Best In A Group



Super Bomberman R is here, and it gives people a chance to drop some bombs again. In this iteration, it’s possible to team up with one opponent for the campaign or take part in multiplayer battles. While the single player or cooperative endeavor is interesting, this feels like a game where the focus is on playing with other people.


See, with Super Bomberman R, you can play with up to eight people. Being able to get that many people around a Nintendo Switch in the same room to play a game is quite an opportunity. You aren’t earning gems for these local multiplayer battles, which means you aren’t able to purchase more stages, but you can jump into a local match and immediately begin using original Bomberman and his seven siblings on the Pitfall Zone, Old-school, The Great Wall, Magnetic Sphere, Medieval, Slippery Garden, Junkyard, and Labyrinth maps. When setting up a match, you determine how many players will participate, how many sets it takes to win, the amount of time a match will last, if starting positions are fixed or random, if Revenge Carts are active, whether or not there are Pressure Blocks, if Skulls will appear to hamper any Bombers who happen to grab them, and if Special Abilities will appear randomly when blocks are blown up.


Ensuring you have an adequate number of people is critical. With local Super Bomberman R multiplayer, you can have up to eight people playing. Except, if you don’t have the exact four or eight, bots will come into play. The bots in Super Bomberman R can really put a damper on your good time. You can’t alter their AI, so they’re going to get in the way a lot. I found they ended up being more frustrating than anything, as they behaved rather erratically.


Acquiring gems for additional multiplayer content takes take and going through Super Bomberman R’s campaign. You can unlock five additional characters in that mode, from what I’ve seen, and then pay 5,000 gems in the store to make them playable. The same goes for additional standard and special maps. Play, head to the store, then 2,500 to 4,000 each for the bonuses. Since the unlockable characters have some special sorts of bombs, it might behoove you to collect them if you can? While I didn’t see anything special about the Special maps, the 4,000 gem Arabian Palace, Circular Maze, Pixel Land, and Toy Box maps are worth getting.




The online Super Bomberman R experience is a bit different, thanks to ranked play. You can participate in League or Free Battles. League Battles allows you to move up through the ranks after earning battle points, making a name for yourself as a bomber in four player matches. It gives you a chance to earn 150-200 gems per battle, in my experience, and drops you into a match where Revenge Carts, Special Abilities, random start positions, and pressure blocks are on and you only need two Sets to win.


Free Battle is essentially standard multiplayer Super Bomberman R, but online. You can set it up for four to eight players, determine if it is a Friend Room or not, set the number of sets needed to win, put a timer in place, determine start positions, decide if Revenge Carts will be on, offer Pressure Blocks, add Skulls, and decide if Special Abilities should be active. Like the offline battles, you earn no gems for these matches.


The multiplayer in Super Bomberman R has the potential to be the best part of the game. Especially if you can get a full eight people together to play. Just remember to do two things before heading into any multiplayer match of any kind. Visit the Basic Settings menu. You are going to want that Fixed Camera to be on and to perhaps adjust your Network Settings. You don’t want that map zooming in and out as you play. Also, you want to ward off connection issues by looking for people who have good connections.


Super Bomberman R is now available for the Nintendo Switch.

Jenni Lada
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