Nintendo Switch

Super Bomberman R Footage Features Customization, Co-op Play, And Explosive Battles



Bomberman will always be about blowing up enemies before they get you and being the last one standing. Super Bomberman R won’t change that aspect, but it comes with a whole new style and look.


The footage comes from the first broadcast of “Bomberman TV” from Konami, featuring the Japanese comedy duo America Zarigani’s Tetsuya Yanagihara and Yoshiyuki Hirai.


We get a first look at some character customization options at the 22:42 mark of the video. It follows up with some campaign gameplay with two-player co-op at the 23:24 mark. The familiar objective of “defeat all enemies” is at play again, except we get to see it in a different style from their more traditional competitive play. Footage showing the first boss fight can be seen at the 26:39 mark.


And finally, at the 31:43 mark we get to see the players select a stage and their characters for a good old session of free-for-all Bomberman Versus Mode.


Super Bomberman R launches on March 3, 2017 along with the Nintendo Switch.

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